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Great book. The best BIR curry book to be written in a long time. Good section on technique which is so important. Buy it, you will not be disappointed 😀😀

John Shepherd (Review of Ebook on Amazon)

Having been a lover of British Indian Restaurant (BIR) food for many years, I was never able to replicate authentic Indian Restaurant dishes at home, until I came across Misty Ricardo’s Curry Kitchen YouTube channel.

Having watched avidly for the past two years I was able to replicate my favourite Curry dishes at a fraction of the price and they tasted as good if not better than my favourite Indian Restaurant!

I now have Misty’s book (Indian Restaurant Curry at Home) and let me tell you it’s a great book. Easy to understand, easy to follow and in no time at all you too will be creating authentic British Indian Restaurant dishes.

If you enjoy cooking and love Curry! Buy this book! You will not be disappointed.

Lloyd Austin

Absolutely fantastic book, with very easy to follow recipes. Addicted to Misty Ricardo's curries. Never made curry as good as these in my life. Well worth purchasing this book.

Susan Robinson

What can I say this is a BRILLIANT recipe book..great pictures and fantastic description..much more detailed than normal cook books a must for any curry lover


Mine came yesterday, very pleased, well presented, nice layout with great photos. As a long time BIR fan who is no stranger to cooking, this is the only book you need!

Dion Heap

Bought as birthday present for husband - he loved it!

Michelle Partington

I have been following Richard on You Tube, he posts under the "Misty Ricardo Curry Kitchen" name. This is a great ebook.

Tonight I made Chicken Jalfrezi, it was superb, the smokey flavour that built up was superb! I could not have hoped for better. Looking forward to trying the other recipes. All the favourites are in there, plus the recipes are easy to follow, of course you need to get the preparation right to make it easier but that is the same for any BIR style cookbooks.

This book I can highly recommend, you won't be disappointed.

S. Martin (Review of eBook on Amazon)

Eating out at Indian Restaurants is hit and miss and takeaways often disappoint. After trying many recipes I found Misty Ricardo and now we won’t eat out because it’s not as good as we make. Chicken Bhuna last night with fresh ingredients and pillar rice was as good as anything anywhere. He has a simple methodology where things happen right for you and a link to YouTube for a demo before you start. So glad I bought it.

2007 User (Review of Ebook on Amazon)

My book arrived today and I love it !!! Very well laid out with plenty of sections on pre-cooked ingredients, starters, sides and of course curries as well as guidance on the techniques of BIR stlye cooking also loads of high quality photos. No more pausing YouTube vids and scribbling down ingredients and methods for me !!!! Absolutely love it keep up the good work, your book and channel are my number 1 resource for BIR inspiration and I have cooked many of your recipes with superb results. Thank you and if you need any help on a cooking session drop me a message !!!

Shane Robinson

This book is excellent and the recipes truly do reflect what you get from your local curry house. I'm yet to try them all but I am particularly impressed with the Phaal and Jalfrezi. I am looking forward to trying the dopiaza at the weekend. There is a bit of time involved in making the base gravy and pre-cooking meat but once that is done each recipe tried so far has been a doddle.

Frank Bialek

Made chicken tikka masala last night from the misty recipe was sensational! What has amazed me the most is that I've been making curry for years and have had nearly all the right ingredients but this book teaches you the 'how' to make it .I never would have believed that just by doing things in a different order the results could be so good,I can't wait to get cooking .I have already recommended this book to at least 10 people thanks misty your'e a legend

Kevin Hunt

So easy to follow, very well written

Jo Schofield

Brilliant. Straightforward and wonderful photos

Jill Wilcox

Love everything about this recipe book it's fantastic

Paul Hutchison

Absolutely love this book! Authentic curry at home, well written and broken down into stages so easy to follow. Read the book and watch the video! Well worth the money and can’t wait for the next one!!

Kate Collins

The Bees knees. Easy to follow recipes once you have made the base sauce and the flavours you achieve are fantastic.

Tony Langston

Excellent book with easy to follow recipes that result in authentic tasting meals. Wonderful colorful pictures brighten any kitchen up!

Abigail Bakke

I will enjoy this book, I much prefer an actual book than having to keep referring to my iPad . We love Indian food and in my opinion this is the only book we’ll ever need . It is very clearly laid out and explains about the cookware you’ll need and the spices. I’ve already tried some of the recipes so having this book to refer to is a godsend

Christine Nash


The brand new paperback from Misty Ricardo's Curry Kitchen.